Tsourdinis & Co O.H.G. is a family based company for packaging & trading  fresh Cretan agricultural products. The company’s facilities are located in Timbaki, South Crete. The company is activated in fresh agricultural product trading since 1976 and is managed by Mr Tsourdinis Nikos and Ms Tsourdini Stella.

Company’s main focus is to supply the domestic as well as the international markets, with high quality Cretan agricultural products. Customer satisfaction and business success are directly tied with the integrity and work ethic of our empowered and innovative team. We consistently follow a code of conduct that reflects high ethical, personal and professional standards. With extensive experience and multilingual staff, the company is specialized in the market of fresh vegetable.

The annual turnover of the corporation is of about 12.000.000 €, with 90% concerning sales in domestic & international Super Markets and the rest of it in European wholesale markets.

Establishment - Equipment

Tsourdinis & Co O.H.G., is established in a 4.000 m2contemporary private owned building. The building is separated in the production area 2.200 m2approximately, the cooling chambers 700 m2 and the rest of the building is used for helping facilities and headquarter offices.  

The company, in its effort to reduce energy consumption and to follow eco-friendly building solutions, has established an innovative and ecological lightening system. Through light tubes, which filter UV & heat, natural light is imported in the building.  For at least 8 hours per day and 350 days per year, the production area is lighted by imported natural light.

The main machinery equipment of the company includes:

  • Semi-automatic machine of small packaging (for net & punnet)
  • Semi-automatic flow pack machine (punnet)
  • Automatic sorting and packaging machine of tomatoes (by color-weight- volume), of 5 tones capacity per hour.
  • 2 Automatic sorting and packaging machines of cucumbers (by weight), of 6 tones capacity per hour
  • 3 Flow pack machines
  • Electronic pallet strapping machines

Our Philosophy

Customer focus : our customer’s needs drive everything we do, every product we supply, every service we provide and frankly every interaction we have.

Innovation: We recognize the constant need for change and continuous improvement. As a company we keep an open mind and an inventive spirit.

Solutions: We strive to develop solutions that solve the problems our customers want solved.

Operating excellence: We believe in optimizing all our processes and procedures so that customers, not complaints, come back to us.

Growth: Through thoughtful planning we achieve profitable, sustainable growth and thereby strengthen our future. Our commitment to proactive sourcing of premium quality products and unparalleled customer service are not open to compromise.


We are guided by a passionate commitment to provide high quality products to our customers, while remaining sensitive to the price elasticity of products and overall customer demand. We believe that cultivating a professional relationship with a more personal approach benefits both suppliers and customers. Our values create a foundation that defines our daily interaction with our associates and customers. We strive to exceed expectations, continually improving our business to offer the highest quality products and services, adding value to our customer’s business.

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